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Check out our current monthly and quarterly sales flyers featuring unbeatable prices on the most reliable name brand auto parts, tools, equipment, accessories, supplies and more. Let's SAVE you some money!!

Offers valid during certain dates only - check sales flyer for dates and details. Offers valid while supplies last. All photo, type, price, and printing errors are subject to correction. Product logos, photos & descriptions are the property of their respective companies.


Mobil Delvac Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Rebate
March 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019

Save up to $40 on Mobil Delvac Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil by Mail-In Rebate. See rebate form for eligible product redemptions, corresponding rebate amounts, and rebate limits per household by product.

See your participating parts store for rebate form. Products can be purchased together on one receipt, or purchased separately and combined in one (1) envelope.

Redeem at or mail in completed form. Limited to purchases made between March 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. All rebate requests must be postmarked by January 31, 2020. To check the status of your submission, visit
Valvoline Legends of Racing Free Bobblehead Offer
March 1, 2019 - May 1, 2019

Purchase 5 quarts of ANY Valvoline Motor Oil OR 2 gallons of Premium Blue Engine Oil and receive a racing legend bobblehead of your choice FREE! Limit up to three with 3-five quart jugs OR 15 individual quarts of motor oil OR 6-one gallon jugs of engine oil. This offer begins March 1, 2019 and expires May 1, 2019.

You may submit by mail or by going to to upload receipt. Requests must be postmarked by June 1, 2019 and received by June 8, 2019. For rebate status updates, please go to
Monroe "Get Up to a $100 Visa Prepaid Card" Offer
March 1, 2019 - March 31, 2019

  • Get a $50 VISA Prepaid Card with purchase of four (4) qualifying Shocks
  • Get a $75 VISA Prepaid Card with purchase of two (2) qualifying Shocks and two (2) qualifying Struts
  • Get a $100 VISA Prepaid Card with purchase of four (4) qualifying Struts (includes Monroe Quick-Strut Replacement Assemblies)

Qualifying Products / Series:
  • Monroe OESpectrum Shocks, Reflex Shocks, Sensa-Trac Shocks, Max-Air Shocks, Magnum, Gas-Magnum Shocks: 5500, 5600, 5700, 5800, 5900, 37000, 34000, 39000, 153000, 552000, 550000, 911000, 911500, MA700, MA800 Series
  • Monroe Load Adjusting Shocks: 58000 Series
  • Monroe OESpectrum Struts, Reflex Struts, Sensa-Trac Struts and Cartridges: 71000, 72000, 73000 Series
  • Monroe Quick-Strut Replacement Assemblies: 139000, 171000, 172000, 173000, 239000, 271000, 272000, 273000, 371000, 372000, 471000, 472000, 571000, 572000, 671000, 672000, 872000, 972000 Series
  • Rancho RS5000 Shocks and Struts: RS5000 Series
  • Rancho RS5000 X Shocks and Struts: RS55000 Series
  • Rancho RS7000 MT Shocks and Struts: RS7000 Series
  • Rancho RS9000 XL Shocks and Struts: RS9000 Series
For rebate form and details of rebate, see your participating parts store. Offer valid on purchases made between March 1 - March 31, 2019. Offer does not include installation / labor costs or taxes and is only good on qualifying product (see above for list of qualifying products). Submit purchase information by mail to address on rebate form. Limit one (1) rebate per person, household, or address. May not be combined with any other discount, offer or rebate. Offer submission must be postmarked by April 30, 2019. To check the status of your claim call number on rebate form or visit